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Omega-3 Cardio Krill Oil 60 Softgels

625 mg Omega-3 Krill Oil Per Softgel. Considered as Dietary Supplement. May Reduce The Risk of Coronary Heart Disease. ...


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Merry Hempsters 209457 0.14 oz Organic Hemp Natural Tubes Lip Balms

Merry Hempsters 209457 0.14 oz Organic Hemp Natural Tubes Lip Balms
$11.44 $8.80

Everyone actually loves to be fit in all aspects of health and beauty. Exercising every day keeps us maintain our fitness weight scales and body fat. Maintaining our fitness makes us even more confident happy and leads us to live healthy life. By using these products everyone can feel the real capability and strength in them. These products are named for its quality durability and stability. Our certified organic Hemp Balm brand lip balm is simply the finest truly certified organic herbal lip therapy on the market. Eco-friendly and healthy our USDA certified organic vegan organic and SPF versions of Hemp Balm are the only all hemp seed oil based lip balms on the market. Hemp seed oil in combination with vitamin E and rosemary extract is therapeutic for your lips. The unsaturated nature of hemp seed oil acts as a free radical scavenger while the vitamin E and rosemary extract quenches the free radicals. Together they are nature?s answer to healthy soft lips. FeaturesOrganic Hemp Natural Tubes Lip Balms Hemp Balm has traditionally been used for treating dry chapped lips. SpecificationsWeight: 0.01 lbs

LION - High-Tect Bounty of Crude Drugs Toothpaste (Refresh Herb) 90g

LION - High-Tect Bounty of Crude Drugs Toothpaste (Refresh Herb) 90g

Brand from Japan: LION. It is a medicinal toothpaste containing six natural plant-derived ingredients that prevents gingival inflammation and prevents alveolus pyorrhea. Prevent the inflammation of the gums by the action of herbal medicine (Oubaku extract, licorice extract). Two astringent ingredients derived from natural plants (rosemary extract, sage extract), two moisturizing ingredients (carrot extract, scutellaria extract). Prevent the gum bleeding by the action of tranexamic acid. Promote the circulation of gums. Refreshing herb flavor with comfort. Effects: Prevention of alveolar pyorrhea, prevention of gingivitis, prevention of bleeding, prevention of bad breath, prevention of development and progression of dental teeth, whitening of teeth, purifying mouth, refreshing mouth. How to use: Take an appropriate amount in a toothbrush, brush teeth, and massage gums again.


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