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Hemp Yin-yang S/s Blue L

Stunning blue shirt with emboidered Yin and Yang in traditonal black and white. For added effect, the symbol is surrounded ...


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Cool Hemp Muscle Rub Tube 0.6 Oz

Cool Hemp Muscle Rub Tube 0.6 Oz

The Merry Hempsters new vegan salves all have their own unique healing properties. They all however have the benefits of high EFA organic hempseed oil. Our compact point of purchase displays use little room and have great visibility. Cool Hemp Muscle Rub has traditionally been used as a therapeutic rub for sore muscles, and for overexertion, inflamed joints, and congestion(Cool Hemp Muscle Rub Tube by MERRY HEMPSTERS)

Tea Tree Cert. Organic Essential Oil 4 oz: C

Tea Tree Cert. Organic Essential Oil 4 oz: C

The leaf of the tea tree had a long history of use by the indigenous peoples of Australia before tea tree was 'discovered' by the crew of the famous English explorer James Cook. The aroma of the oil is warm, spicy, medicinal and volatile. It is occasionally used to scent spicy colognes and aftershaves. It blends well with lavandin, rosemary and nutmeg oils. Aromatherapy benefits: cleansing, purifying, uplifting.The Tea Tree (melaleuca alternifolia) is a member of the Myrtaceae family and is an indigenous species to Northern New South Wales, Australia. The oil is found within the cells of the leaves, and as the Tea Tree is extremely fast-growing it is a constantly renewable resource. The crushed leaves were used as a general antiseptic by the Native Australians for thousands of years. Captain James Cook and his crew used the leaves as a substitute for tea, hence the name. Unlike the dilute tea, however, the concentrated oil should be used topically, not ingested.Tea Tree oil is an effective bactericide killing a broad spectrum of bacteria and a range of stubborn fungi. It is safe for healthy tissue and does not inhibit normal cell growth and rejuvenation. Tea Tree oil is a powerful organic solvent and will actually dissolve the lumps of white blood cells which make pus.The oil contains numerous chemicals known as terpenoids. The oil kills fungus and bacteria, including those resistant to some antibiotics. A single blind study has shown topical application of 5% tea tree oil in people with acne is as helpful as benzoylperoxide and has fewer side effects. Tea tree oil contributes to an extremely effective antibacterial shampoo.A double blind study found 100% tea tree oil applied topically was as effective as the antifungal medicine clotrimazole for people with athlete's foot fungus affecting the toe nails. Dilute solutions, containing no more than 5% tea tree oil, can safely be used as a very effective mouthwash. Unlike many antiseptics, Tea Tree oil kills bacteria as effectively in the real environment of the body as it does in the test tube. Its solvent nature allows it to penetrate into skin layers, even reaching inaccessible sites such as the fingernails and toenails.Tea Tree oil is usually without any contra-indications but it may cause sensitization in some people. It can help with influenza, cold sores, catarrh, glandular fever and gingivitis.Tea Tree oil could help clear bronchial congestion, asthma, coughs, sinusitis, whooping cough and tuberculosis.On the genitourinary system Tea tree oil could be effective to help clear vaginal thrush, cystitis and genital infections in general.Tea Tree oil could help clear abscesses, acne, burns, dandruff, herpes, and oily skin; also valuable for athlete's foot, cold sores, blemishes, diaper rash, warts, sunburn and infected wounds.In vapor therapy Tea Tree oil can help with: colds, measles, sinusitis and viral infections.As a blended massage oil or diluted in the bath, Tea Tree oil can assist with: arth

Labrada Green Coffee Bean Extract

Labrada Green Coffee Bean Extract

Supports Significant Fat Loss!


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